Parts no longer available – replaced by Travler Pro – Gen2 HD

Dish Network:  Now with Hybrid LNB (1-1-2020)

The TRAV’LER SK-1000 is what you need to be able to run multiple satellite receivers without issues. You can also set up a Wally receiver so you can record one channel and watch another or bring your Hopper and Joeys on vacation with you. You’ll be right at home enjoying your travels and relaxing with your favorite shows. Automatically finds all three satellites 110-119-129 with a push of a button.

Trav’ler SK-1000 Dish $1649

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Winegard is well recognized in the satellite industry for providing a simple yet effective approach to receiving satellite reception for both the consumer level and the industrial and government levels. This antenna eliminates the hassle of setting up a portable satellite dish just to get HD programming from the required three orbits of 110-119-129 alias western arc. The TRAV’LER SK-1000 is superior to domes since they can’t get all three satellites at the same time, thus eliminating the use of dual tuners (Example: 222 or 322 or DVRs). Because it uses the same components that are being used by Dish Network, the TRAV’LER SK-1000 will give you optimum signal with the push of a button and allow the use of all Dish Pro compatible satellite receivers including DVRs, Dual Tuners, and Joey & Hopper equipment.

Easy to use
By pushing in the power button for three seconds on the small, inside controller box – the controller will communicate with the roof mounted satellite antenna and start rising off the roof and start its search for the required satellites. Once it is finished fine tuning and peaking to the highest signal possible, the inside display will verify which satellites it has found by placing an asterisk (*) in front of the satellite orbit location.  (Example: *110 *119 *129) If an asterisk (*) is missing, it will simply tune into the satellite(s) that it can receive and you will still be able to watch TV but it may be missing some channels.

With just a push of the power button the inside display will show you the “Stow in Progress” and when the antenna is finished, the display will turn off automatically.  Now you are ready to move to the new location.  The motors of the antenna will actually act as a break holding the antenna in place during high winds.

The TRAV’LER SK-1000 is an American-made antenna with a mount that is less than 10” tall when in stowed position – about the same height as your roof mounted air conditioner units. The base of the antenna is made from a cast aluminum material and then is powder-coated with a special material to help keep moisture, snow, and ice off.

The weight of the antenna is only 53 lbs and requires only a 25” by 42” space on your roof.

There is a small plug on the front on the base that enables the user to perform a manual stow in case of emergency. The reflector is manufactured from galvanized steel and then finished with a five-step, textured thermoset powder coat. A hydrophobic agent is added to the finish to increases water and snow repellent action. Using these materials will insure a lifetime of enjoyment without the elements of the weather affecting the performance. The brains of the antenna are all contained within the base of the antenna with just a small box located inside your rig to operate the antenna.

The mobile satellite antenna will come with everything needed to install (except for sealer). These items include a 28’ coax cable, 28’ data cable, power supply installation and operation manual, and the roof plate to seal the cable entry along with the mounting screws. 

I personally use #12 stainless steel screws for my installations, putty tape on the penetration, and then seal everything with Dicor sealant.

Antenna Features

  • Simple push button for 3 seconds sends antenna searching
  • Simple push button stows the antenna
  • Automatically finds the 110-119-129 satellites
  • Works with any satellite receiver that utilizes Dish Pro technology
  • Can run up to two satellite receivers without additional equipment. Previous models could support 3
  • The antenna comes with a two year warranty covering labor the first year

Davids’s comments: I’ve been selling Winegard antennas for quite a while now with very few problems. I have however been on many service calls that are related to installation issues. From leaking roofs to no signal complaints I usually find that the installation was the root cause. I also try to explain the differences in the operation of the different manufactures and models available today. This antenna built by Winegard and does require a sequence to make antenna work properly. Example; If the connections on your coach are not installed properly (common) you will encounter problems.  NOTE: Antenna mounts dated 01-2018 is able to have LNB changed out with a Hybrid LNB for Hopper and Joey operation.. We still recommend using the DPH42 kit for upgrades to older models. UPDATE: Our new inventory now has the Hybrid LNB, Thus allowing upgrades to Hopper and Joey without additional cost. It does however create a issue if you are trying to run three receivers.

Service after the sale: If you should inquire about an issue with the antenna we can troubleshoot the system and many times repair it in the field. Winegard has elected to have some issues related to the antenna failures be returned back to Winegard for diagnosis and repair. I think this is ridiculous but understand Winegard’s viewpoint. Hopefully, this will start changing and they elect to properly train and assist qualified technicians like myself to function as a warranty center and be able to perform all field repairs. I do carry certain refurbished units to make your downtime minimal (ask for details)

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