Rayzor Fully Automatic Off-Air antenna.

White RZ-8500 $510.00
Black RZ-8535 $510.00

Hands down the simplest Off-Air Antenna on the market today. No more forgetting to put the crank-up antenna down or trying to fine-tune the antenna to get the most channels. Just push a button and the antenna will automatically scan for the TV station locations for the strongest signal possible

Operation: The included wall plate replaces your old booster switch plate so no modification. Turn on the main power button and let the antenna boot up. Hit the scan button and the antenna does the rest. Once completed it will show how many channels it has detected (TV Tuner may not pick up all channels) Go to your TV and scan the Off-Air Channels and set back and enjoy.

Download Flyer:http://www.winegard.com/wp-content/uploads/catalog-sheets/WC-1154.pdf

David’s comments: I’ve been selling Winegard antennas for quite a while now with very few problems. I have however been on many service calls that are related to installation issues. From leaking roofs to no signal complaints I usually find that the installation was the root cause. I also try to explain the differences in the operation of the different manufactures and models available today. This antenna was built by Winegard and does require a sequence to make the antenna work properly. EXAMPLE: If the connections on your coach are not installed properly (common) you will encounter problems.

Service after the sale: If you should inquire about an issue with the antenna we can troubleshoot the system and many times repair it in the field. Winegard has elected to have some issues related to the antenna failures be returned back to Winegard for diagnosis and repair. I think this is ridiculous but understand Winegard’s viewpoint. Hopefully, this will start changing and they elect to properly train and assist qualified technicians like myself to function as a warranty center and be able to perform all field repairs.

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