NEW FEATURE: As of 10/2018 Winegard has added the capability to select East Arc or Western Arc.

Winegard introduces the Newest DISH Playmaker & DISH Playmaker Dual.

This antenna uses the coax coming from the Dish Network Receiver to get its power. That’s right only one coax cable will run this antenna.

WHITE PL-7000 $299.00
WHITE PL-7000 W RCVR $379.00

PLAYMAKER DUAL COAX (Note: there are limitations on the 2nd receiver – NOT RECOMMENDED to use as dual)
WHITE PL-8000  $349.00
BLACK PL-8035 $349.00

In the Houston area – Get it professionally installed

  • Features high-strength, military-grade aluminum reflector for improved signal strength
  • Perfect for the RV, camper, motorhome, cabin, fishing, hunting, or tailgating
  • Sleek & Compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go
  • Enjoy DISH in HD – Works exclusively with DISH HD Solo receiver technology
  • Powered via coaxial cable from the primary receiver (120 volts AC)
  • Fully-automatic – Automatically finds DISH satellite orbital locations
  • Easy grip handle for effortless carrying
  • Can be roof mounted with RK-4000
  • Sats2GO recommends 2 Playmaker antennas for true dual receiver operation *
  • Smallest Portable Antenna – 16″ diameter | 13″ tall | 7 lbs

Pay-As-You-Go Programming
Only DISH offers money-saving, pay-as-you-go TV! DISH pay-as-you-go TV may be turned on or off on a monthly basis as needed.

  • Pay only for the months you use
  • No fees to start or stop monthly service
  • Keep your home service provider
  • Watch in minutes with an easy setup

*Note: Sats2go stresses that utilizing two receivers on any dome antenna will cause errors on the secondary receiver since the dome antenna has to toggle between satellites. EXAMPLE: The main receiver is watching programming from the 110 and the Secondary is trying to watch programming from the 119 satellite the Secondary receiver will get an error message. If both receivers happen to be looking at the same satellites you can select the channels that are on that satellite. This application is not recommended for two receivers due to frustration – I recommend the SK-1000 antenna or two of the Playmakers. 

David Nannenga – Sats2Go