Discontinued but supported.  Replaced by Winegard G2 Portable Carryout

This is a universal portable satellite dish antenna that features a small size – only 15.6” tall and 20” long, with a carry handle for easy handling plus a security loop to secure the antenna.  This portable satellite dish is perfect for tailgating and your RV to watch your favorite movies or games.

The Carryout GM1518 will support satellite service from DirecTV, Dish Network, and Bell ExpressVue (Canadian version of Dish Network). Easy to use, the Carryout GM1518 Satellite antenna comes preprogrammed for DirecTV but can easily be changed over to DirecTV 101-119 (no HD) along with Dish Network Western arc 110-119-129, Eastern arc 61.5-72-77, Hybrid of 110-119-6.5, and Bell ExpressVue 82-92 satellite orbits.

If you choose to switch satellite providers, you can just take the cover off and flip some dip-switches, reinstall the dome and you’re ready to go.  It’s easy to make it universal.

The antenna only requires 12 volts dc to operate and it comes with a 50’ power cord attached to a cigarette lighter plug or you may choose to get the optional 110v to the 12-volt power supply.

The antenna will support two receivers which allow different channels on two different receivers. (NOTE: Dish Network or Bell Express mode will support single tuner receivers and not DVRs or dual tuners since the antenna will need to toggle between satellites.)

The GM1518 is an American made product and is built to endure the elements with a Heavy Duty plastic base, rubber base feet, and features a metal reflector – instead of a plastic one you may find on dishes made by other manufacturers – inside the dome, giving you the highest signal strength for its size. The specially treated UV dome helps shed water for optimum performance even in inclement weather.

The antenna comes with a 50’ power cable with cigarette plug, a 50’ coaxial cable, and an instruction manual. It has a two-year warranty which covers labor during the first year.

Antenna Features

  • Simply plugging the dish into a 12 volt source will send the antenna searching for a signal – no need worry about obstructions
  • Automatically finds the satellite Universal antenna
  • Works with different service providers
  • Can run up to two satellite receivers without additional equipment
  • Comes with a two year warranty covering labor the 1st year