Discontinued – replaced by Connect 2.0

TOGO C2   $399

Winegard has combined both a Wifi repeater and Cell Data in one antenna and has worked a special deal with AT&T on Bandwidth pricing.  As long as you have AT&T service in your area you are covered. 

Just announced 12/16/19 – End of Unlimited Data Plan – Read below


  • Maximum Speed – Get connected with improved speeds to the internet even while off the beaten path.
  • Expanded WiFi – The Togo Roadlink C2 expands your WiFi coverage to receive signals from farther away and with better speeds than components inside the RV.
  • Always Connected – Connect to 4G LTE networks faster in areas where cell coverage is weak. The Togo Roadlink C2 even works while you are in motion!
  • High Performance – The Togo Roadlink C2 has multiple long-range, high-performance omnidirectional WiFi boosting & LTE antennas and a high-performance router with fully integrated, easy-to-use software for faster connection speeds.
  • Nationwide 4G LTE Coverage – With exclusive data plans from AT&T, you’re now free to stream entertainment, surf the internet, and more. Stay connected at the campground or while en route to your next adventure.

Usage Specifications

Reception Types: 4G, WiFiGPS EnabledWireless Standard: 802.11 b/g/nWireless Speed: 2.4 GHz: 450MbpsAntennas: 3 high gain Wi-Fi antennas; 2 high gain 4G LTE antennasWireless Security: WPA, WPA2, WPA mixedMax WiFi Range: 1.5 mi.Guest WiFi Network: YesRouter Location: All-in-one enclosure; roof-mountedLTE Cat: 4 (max theoretical 150Mbps down/50 Mbps up)
LTE Bands: B2, B4, B5, B13, B17
GPS: Yes (device location available via companion)
Mini-SIM: Yes
Ethernet Port: One port; professional installation recommended
Power Source: Direct 12V power supply
Power Consumption: DC 9-16V; 1 amp (max)
Supports exclusive Togo Roadlink data plans from AT&T

Just Announced: 12/16/19 End of Unlimited Data Plan

Changes to Togo Roadlink Data Plans Beginning January 2020

Winegard Distributors & Dealers, Recently, AT&T informed our partners at Togo that the Togo Roadlink Data Plans exclusively offered with the Togo Roadlink C2 will be undergoing a series of changes beginning in January 2020. The major change being implemented is the removal of the Unlimited Adventure $360 annual data plan. AT&T has developed several options to replace it. Additionally, Winegard will be allowing Roadlink C2 users the ability to change providers by offering the ability to unlock the system. Presently, customers will need to contact Winegard for information about unlocking their system, but they will be able to do so through the Winegard Connected mobile app in the near future. It is important to note that Roadlink C2 systems will still be sold and supported and that customers who have purchased and not activated or intend to purchase and activate will have access to the Unlimited Adventure plan until January 15, 2020. At that point, the Unlimited Adventure plan will be removed as an option and the following Roadlink data plans will be available starting January 16, 2020: 

  • Monthly Data Plans 5GB per month, 30-day expiry – $25
  • 22GB per month, 30-day expiry – $90
  • 50GB per month, 30-day expiry – $175
  • 100GB per month, 30-day expiry – $300
  • Annual Data Plans100GB per year, 365-day expiry – $325
  • All plans may be subject to auto-renewal – customers are advised to check their specific plan terms with AT&T for more information. Any customers who have already activated the Roadlink Unlimited Adventure data plan will maintain that plan until the first year has expired, at which point, they will have the ability to choose from the new Roadlink Data Plans listed above, or work with Winegard to unlock their system and choose between provider data plans, including but not limited to Winegard FreedomGO, Verizon, and AT&T.