Winegard Starlink HP
Winegard Starlink HP Dish

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a low-orbiting grid of internet satellites. Starlink is operated by SpaceX, providing low latency, high-speed, satellite internet access to 45 countries. It also aims for global mobile phone service after 2023. SpaceX started launching Starlink satellites in 2019.

Winegard Starlink HP $2,550 (includes freight)
Houston area Installation Service by Sats2Go from $900
(includes basic materials)

How does Starlink work?

Starlink, as mentioned before, is a satellite constellation that moves in groups 342 miles above the earth. Each area on earth is assigned cells, which limit how many Starlink users can be active in each area concurrently. This can be a challenge at times if there are no open cells you might not be able to get service or limited service. Starlink satellites move from the Northern skies, traveling south, and are constantly moving. DirecTV and Dish Network satellites are in a fixed, geostationary orbit in space above the equator.

Because Starlink satellites are in low orbit, you must have a large field of view to get reasonable service. The dish needs to alternate communication between different satellites, approximately every four minutes, as they continuously pass overhead. Trees and buildings are a concern since communication with these satellites relies on a line-of-sight basis to connect with your dish.

What is the difference between Starlink’s Residential and RV Accounts?

While Starlink offers a stationary self-aiming satellite for residential accounts, the service is designed to stay in that location. Some people take their Residential account system with them using Starlink’s portability option, but the service may not be available at remote locations, and there are limits to the number of moves and length of stay at each location.

Starlink’s RV account will allow you to move the equipment with you, but Starlink does not guarantee service or speeds depending on variables such as open cells at each stopping point. The RV account monthly charges are typically higher than the residential account but can be paused when not in use.

Starlink Equipment

Both Residential & RV accounts use the same equipment, a small self-aiming portable dish that you set up for each use. The portable dish moves throughout the day and night to track and switch between the satellites. The equipment is purchased and belongs to you. You are then only responsible for the monthly connection charges.

Starlink also offers a larger “high performance” dish that can be permanently mounted and operated while in motion when connected to power. The high-performance dish has a larger field of view compared to the smaller dish that can view multiple satellites simultaneously, allowing it to be permanently mounted with no moving parts.

Why choose Winegard’s High-Performance Starlink?

The Winegard Starlink High-Performance package can see 35% more of the sky and comes with a wedge mount allowing the dish to be permanently mounted on the roof of your vehicle. The dish can be operated while in motion, providing Internet service while on the road if open cells are available. The initial investment in equipment is higher than the portable version of Starlink. The monthly account charges are the same based on your choice of a smaller portable or High-Performance RV account.

If you are already subscribed to streaming services, but not Dish Network or DirecTV at your home and are looking for high-speed internet service for your RV, this might be a good option for you. If you already subscribe to Dish Network or DirecTV, you still have plenty of options with one of our portable or Fixed HD Satellite antennas.

Support of Service

Support regarding the installation of the antenna is backed by Sats2GO, and support for service or connection-related issues will need to be obtained through Winegard’s Starlink support. Sats2Go is limited in support offerings for service since Starlink handles all support internally and does not provide dealers with any tools or options to offer customer support.

What is the Cost of Installation?

Although there are some variables for the Winegard Kit installation, the high-performance antenna cost is the same. A typical installation of the Winegard Starlink system runs $900 which covers basic installation & materials at your location. Variables such as a 120v source to power the equipment are needed and for any special modifications needed or desired. Contact Sats2Go to schedule your installation…

What is the Monthly Cost for Starlink Services?

The wonderful thing about Winegard Starlink is that the service is available as a month-to-month subscription. The RV service starts at $150 a month and can be paused at any time.

Winegard Starlink Warranty

The Warranty is one year through Winegard. If you purchase a Starlink HP antenna directly from Starlink, their warranty is voided when the equipment is permanently mounted to the roof of a vehicle. The only mount that offers a warranty must be purchased through Winegard. Winegard does not offer the mount separate from the antenna.

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