Sats2Go is pleased to provide mobile TV solutions for:

  • RV’s
  • Horse Trailers
  • Boats
  • Trains
  • Cars, Minivans & SUVs
  • Tailgating solutions

Planning a road trip? Take a little bit of home with you. Satellite TV in your RV, car, boat train or plane will make life on the road even more comfortable and entertaining for you and your family.  With an in-motion RV satellite, you can do just that. These systems can acquire a satellite signal even when you’re moving, so your family can enjoy their favorite TV programs while you’re on the way to your campsite and beyond. In addition, many of these systems offer dual hook-ups, so you can hook up more than one TV at once.

Mobile satellite systems are available in many formats:

  • Sationary Satellite Dish
  • In Motion Satellite Dish
  • Hi Definition Satellite Dish
  • Portable Satellite Dish

The Selection of Stationary vs. In-Motion Systems:
This is not always an easy decision. Most people automatically think that they will not use or do not want the TV on while the vehicle is in motion. There are many facets to making the decision of whether to have an In-Motion System or not. An In-Motion System is not only to view satellite programming while the vehicle is moving, but you can also be recording (with the use of a DVR receiver) a program that may be airing during your travel time so that you can watch it later. You may also use the in-motion function to view current weather conditions while you are traveling to assist you in the decision to continue into an area that may be experiencing inclement weather, tracking a moving storm cell or keep abreast of current news conditions. When parking in an RV Park or campsite, the In-Motion System takes the “guesswork” out of determining if buildings or trees near your site are blocking your signal.

The Selection of Open-Faced vs. Domed Systems:
The choice is yours! Open-faced antennas will provide you with a greater reception opportunity for programming in DishNetwork, Bell Express Vu or DirecTV programming. If you currently have DishNetwork Dish500 or Super Dish, Dish HD or DirecTV HD satellite programming, this requires an antenna to have multiple satellite LNB’s for your programming to come in simultaneously, you can only achieve this with an open-faced antenna. If you use a domed antenna with this type of programming package, the antenna has to “toggle” between the two different satellite locations and can only truly support one (1) satellite receiver for proper functionality. If you select DishNetwork pay as you go programming package or DirecTV non HD programming packages, the domed antenna will serve you well for single receiver applications. With the open-faced antennas, you do have to remember when breaking camp and preparing to move the RV that the antenna is stowed, whereas, with the domed antenna, you can just drive away.

UPDATE:  As of 8-24-2015 the satellite providers have started converting information that we use to track satellites over to DVB-S2 technology. We are able to perform updates on older antennas to keep them functioning but they will be obsolete in the near future. Whatever you buy make sure that they will continue to work in the future or can be updated. DirecTV or Dish Network will not give us a date or exactly what changes will be taking place. These changes will also affect many of the older satellite receivers that are being used forcing you to update all of your equipment. Like us on Facebook for updates on this and many other updates as they come into us…

Problem Description DISH Network® is in the process of converting most of its satellite signals from QPSK modulation to a more efficient 8PSK format. This upgrade will allow DISH Network to provide additional content and more high-definition programming, improving the customer experience. However, like many other technological advances today, the new format is not backward compatible with the older receiver or antenna equipment. Therefore, some older TracVision antenna models may need to be upgraded or replaced to continue receiving the full line-up of DISH Network’s programming.