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                                   DirecTV Error codes 
771 or 772 – Searching for satellite –Lost the reception to the satellite.  Most common issue is caused by being on a local channel but your physically located out of that area. The locals are spot beamed into the city you receive your locals from. Once you leave the subscribed to area you will no longer get the locals. Your other programming is still available, just switch channels. Another cause could be inclement weather or If a single unit is affected, then it might be a bad connection within the unit. EX: Front receiver gets all programming, but the bedroom receiver gets error. Check your signal strength for low signal. This would be an indication of blockage of trees or such.  
721 – Service isn’t authorized – Every 30 days, DirecTV sends out a activation code to your receiver via satellite. If your satellite antenna is not on or its parked in storage you will not get the update. Just call DirecTV and say extension 721 and they will refresh your receiver. Another cause of this is if you are trying to access a channel that is not in your program package that is associated with your account. You can upgrade your programming package in many cases ala carte for specific channels you wish to receive.  Please call DIRECTV at 1-800-5315000 to do so. 
722 – Service Interrupted/expired– this could be mean there is a balance on a personal unit account that needs to be remedied, please call DIRECTV directly at 1-800-531-5000 to do so. 
727 – Program not available in your area – you might receive this message if you are trying to access a sporting event that is blacked out in our area. 
752 – DIRECTV Interactive Software Download – your receiver is updating the software within the unit.  This typically happens in the middle of night around 2am. 
775/776 – Trouble communicated with SWM/Satellite –You will see this if you have moved a receiver from your house to a dome type antenna. Another cause if you do have a SWM3 antenna is that the power insertor has become unplugged or cabling going to the LNB on the antenna itself. If those are fine you will need to call a technician to come out and check the system. 
761/762 – Insert valid card – Check to make sure to remove the access card from your unit, wipe it with a clean soft cloth such as T-shirt and reinsert it.  If this does not correct the issue, call our offices for a technician visit. 
No Signal – This is typically not an issue with DIRECTV, but with your TV itself.  However, if the DIRECTV receiver is not powered on, attempt to manually power it on with the remote or on the front of the receiver.  If that does not correct the issue, adjust your source or input until you reach the desired setting to receive the DIRECTV signal. Some coaches use amplifier / splitters to deliver the signal to multiple TVs. These amplifiers sometimes get turned off by mistake and may be bad. Either way the signal is not getting from the satellite receiver to the TV itself.  

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