Trav’ler Pro Rebate

Trav'ler Pro Rebate

Purchase either Trav’ler Pro for DISH or DirecTV (models SK2DISH, SK2SWM3) prior to January 1st, 2023, and receive a $150 rebate. To claim your consumer rebate, email a copy of your proof of purchase to along with your name, address, city, state, zip, and phone and Winegard will mail a rebate check to that … Read more

DirecTV Changes coming

4/3/2019 DIRECTV Migrating from MPEG-2/SD to MPEG-4/SD&HD To Winegard Distributors & Dealers, We are sending this communication out to our trusted dealer and distributor network to help dispel rumors and incorrect information regarding the future of DIRECTV programming and its compatibility with our mobile satellite antennas.    DIRECTV has recently started the process of upgrading … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Satellite Installation

Do leave slack in your cables-Allows expansion and contraction of cables Do run the cables in the interior of the coach shell. Help protects from branches and less chance of roof leaks Don’t run the cables tightly – Shrinkage of cable will pull ends off causing a major repair in the future Don’t run the cables on the exterior … Read more

DirecTV offering a new Genie2 for your home?

Just make sure you understand what happens. STOP!!!   ARE YOU CONSIDERING UPGRADING TO THE NEW DIRECTV GENIE 2 (HS17)? You might reconsider before you make any decisions. This is the newest system available from DirecTV offering 1TG of recording capability and up to 7 rooms all wirelessly. Sound pretty sweet right. Now the downside.  If … Read more

Get HD Picture to all your TVs

New!!! Get High Def to all of your TVs MiniMod 2 $395.00 Free Shipping In the Houston area – Get it professionally installed A NEW way to get HD over Coax that’s already in your coach. This unit can be wired into your existing TV Antenna system that already runs to all of your TVs. We create … Read more