World’s Smallest and Lightest Antenna!

Discontinued – replaced by KVH RV1

KVH’s ultra-compact TracVision R1 is the smallest and lightest in-motion satellite TV system on the market, bringing you premium satellite TV entertainment throughout the continental U.S. Enjoy standard-definition programming from DIRECTV® or HD service from DISH Network,® whether you’re parked or cruising down the highway. The controller is powered from 12 volts DC and the antenna is completely operated by the Multi-Service box. Will run Dish TriSat of 110-119-129 or DirecTV 101-110-110 satellites. Order optional Down Convertor to run multiple satellite receivers. Thanks to KVH’s RingFire technology, the R1-series offers a 12.5″ diameter antenna with the highest gain in its class, delivering crystal-clear satellite TV programming wherever you go, even in poor weather. Best of all, the single-cable design makes installation a snap!

TracVision R1dx – Get your favorite satellite TV programs from DISH Network or DIRECTV on the road!

  • 300+ channels of digital satellite TV and music from DISH Network or DIRECTV’s Ku-band services
  • Works with DirecTV non SWM technology or Dish non DVR receivers
  • Compatible with HDTV programming from DISH Network
  • In-motion operation with rapid satellite acquisition
  • KVH Whisper Drive for ultra-quiet operation
  • Exclusive 12V Multi-service Interface Box/Controller with LCD for easy operation

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