New!!! Get High Def to all of your TVs

MiniMod 2 $395.00 Free Shipping

In the Houston area – Get it professionally installed

A NEW way to get HD over Coax that’s already in your coach.

This unit can be wired into your existing TV Antenna system that already runs to all of your TVs. We create a new digital TV channel just like you get on your off-air antenna. When you want to watch Satellite or the source you have plugged into the modulator just simply select that channel and you’re on. No more switching between inputs on your TV. 

Here’s how it works, We combine the off-air antenna along w this new channel let’s say 4.4. You pull into a new city and want to watch the local channels off of your Off-Air Antenna. You just scan the TV channels just like you always have and it will pick up the local channels and also this channel 4.4 that is a label (EXAMPLE: DirecTv). One TV can be watching the Off-Air Antenna and someone else can be watching satellite. You can combine modulators also to integrate a DVD player or 2nd Satellite receiver.