In an effort to enhance their services and to add additional HD channels, DISH has changed the way they broadcast satellite signals to customers.  Unfortunately, this has impacted certain satellite systems.  We’ve provided a library of resources below – based on the manufacturer of your system.  Click on the links below to find out how your equipment might be impacted by the Dish Network changes. 

King Controls

Since 1998, KING has manufactured a variety of mobile satellite antennas using several different proprietary methods of finding and identifying satellites. Some of these models relied on the QPSK signal in order to identify satellites and will be affected by these changes from DISH. Other models manufactured by KING either do not rely on this type of information to lock on and identify the satellites, or they were designed with a special tuner that has the ability to identify the 8PSK signals from DISH and therefore are not affected by these changes.  Click here to see a historical list of KING satellite antenna models and the related impact of this change on each model.


The Dish Network change affects the Tracvision© L3, C3, S3, R1DX, R4, R4SL, RSSL, and R6DX.  Click here for more information about addressing these changes to your system.


The Dish Network change affects the Tracstar SV200, SV260, and SV360.  Click here for more information about addressing these changes to your system.


If your Winegard product is operating properly your system has the latest changes. Winegard designs products that are able to withstand changes that satellite providers make however this particular change does affect some Winegard mobile satellite products that were manufactured prior to 2013. All products manufactured after that date do not require any updates. Most systems prior to 2013 will still operate properly following simple setup instructions. Click here to check detailed system information for your system.