Just make sure you understand what happens.


You might reconsider before you make any decisions. This is the newest system available from DirecTV offering 1TG of recording capability and up to 7 rooms all wirelessly. Sound pretty sweet right. Now the downside. 

If you upgrade to the Genie2 system you can no longer have any additional receivers on the account. That’s right the account that the lake house and boat along with the RV are on are gone. So if you upgrade and want to have DirecTV in your motorhome you would need to establish a 2nd account with DirecTV. Yup double your bill for 2 years. But it still gets better, If you have DirecTV build a 2nd account they will try and install the Genie 2 system in your RV. This is fine if you have the Winegard Travler but if not the System will not work on any dome antenna system and you will be setting there with nothing. We at Sats2GO can establish a new account for you and install DirecTV Receivers and make them work on your Dome Antenna System.  

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