4/3/2019 DIRECTV Migrating from MPEG-2/SD to MPEG-4/SD&HD

To Winegard Distributors & Dealers,

We are sending this communication out to our trusted dealer and distributor network to help dispel rumors and incorrect information regarding the future of DIRECTV programming and its compatibility with our mobile satellite antennas.   

DIRECTV has recently started the process of upgrading its content offerings to better and more efficiently utilize its orbital satellite fleet. As part of this process, DIRECTV is removing all MPEG-2 (SD only) content and converting it to MPEG-4 (SD and HD capable) content.

DIRECTV HD receivers and HD DVRs are equipped to receive and decode MPEG-4 signals.

Standard definition receivers and DVRs are not able to receive and decode these signals. This has led to some customers being contacted to upgrade their receivers to newer models that support MPEG-4 content, even if the customer chooses not to activate HD Access. This does not mean DIRECTV is ending standard definition programming in the immediate future.   

Winegard works closely with DIRECTV to ensure that any potential changes have as limited an impact on our products as possible, and we have done so in this case. We anticipate no changes regarding any of our DIRECTV-compatible mobile satellite antennas at this point, and we have full confidence that our products will continue to operate with DIRECTV for the foreseeable future. 

Winegard Company