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Model SK-SWM3 SK-1000  X2 X1 Mission G2
Service Provider DirecTV Dish / Bell Dish Dish Dish/DirecTV Dish/DirecTV
Satellite Orbits 99-101-103 Dish 110-119-129
or Bell 82-92
61.5-72.7-77 or *72.7
110-119-129 110-119-129
Receivers Supported *SWM Tech only All Dish Pro-DVR *Hopper Dish Pro 211 / 411 Dish Pro 211 /411 DirecTV non *SWM
or DIsh 211 or 411
DirecTV non *SWM
or DIsh 211 or 411
DVRs Supported

Yes Yes No No DirecTV Only DirecTV Only

Roof Mount Roof Mount Portable Portable **Portable **Portable
Roof Top Conversion Kit

N/A N/A No Yes No Yes
In Motion Viewing

No No No No Yes No
Simultaneous Satellite View

Yes Yes Yes if on 72.7 No No No
HD Compatible

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - Dish only Yes - Dish only
Power Source

110 Volt 110 volt

Satellite Receiver

Satellite Receiver 12 volts 12 volts
Receiver Interface (User)

No No Yes Yes No No
Coax Connections

Up to 8 tuners 3 2 2 2 2

9.75"Hx44.1"x34" 9.75"Hx42.1"x25" 15"Hx21"W 13.5"Hx14.3"D 12.9"Hx20"D 13.5"Hx14.3"D

53 lbs 45 lbs 15 lbs 10 lbs  18.6 lbs 10 lbs
Notes *Check coax connection on back of receiver for (SWM) *Requires extra equipment *Can receive all Dish Channels except for Locals    *Can Convert to SWM Technology
**with optional kit
 *Can Convert to SWM Technology
**with optional kit

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