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RT2000 / T4 In Motion antenna.


RT 2000 loRT 2035 lo 

White  RT-2000   $ 1,599.00   

Black   RT-2035   $1,599.00    

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Now a smaller footprint than the Mission and with Quieter Motors and

now with New DVB-S2 Technology. Smaller foot print at only 13.5" tall

and 14.3" in diameter and weighs only 10 lbs. Works with Dish Network

Tri-Sat 110-119-129, Bell Express, or DirecTv SD 101 Programming.

All this with a flip of a switch. 

Download Flyer: http://www.winegard.com/wp-content/uploads/catalog-sheets/WC-1186.pdf

Supports DirecTV models H24 and below. DirecTv models H25 and above will require SWM Conversion Kit ($199 option).

NOTE: Dish Network or Bell Express mode will support a single tuner receiver and not DVRs or dual tuners since the antenna needs to toggle between satellites.  There are no manufactures that can do multiple satellites via a dome system.


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Construction The RoadTrip Mission Series is an American made product built to take the elements. It has a heavy duty plastic base with metal mounting feet, and features a metal reflector (instead of plastic one inside the dome) giving you the highest signal strength for its size. The specially treated UV dome helps shed water for optimum performance even in inclement weather. The antenna comes with power cable for cigarette plug in and coax cables, and installation/instruction manual. The antenna comes with a two year warranty covering labor the 1st year.

Antenna Features

  • No need to worry about stowing, storing, or wind
  • Will automatically find the satellite
  • Universal antenna will work with different service providers
  • Can run up to two satellite receivers without additional equipment *
  • The antenna comes with a two year warranty covering labor the 1st year

Davids comments: I've been selling Winegard antennas for quite a while now with very few problems. I have however been on many service calls that are related to installation issues. From leaking roofs to no signal complaints I usually find that the installation was the root cause. I also try to explain the differences in the operation of the different manufactures and models available today. This In Motion just like any other In Motion antenna built by Winegard and does require a sequence to make antenna work properly. Example; Once you have parked the antenna will continue to make a conical scan of the satellite for 15 minutes (Noise on roof) until it goes to sleep. If you want to use as In Motion again the operator will need to turn off antenna and then turn back on to get it out of sleep mode. You need to start driving within 15 minutes or until the antenna goes to sleep again.

Service after the sale: If you should inquire about a issue of the antenna we can troubleshoot the system and many times repair in the field. Winegard has elected to have some issues related to the antenna failures be returned back to Winegard for diagnosis and repair. I think this is ridiculous but understand Winegard's viewpoint. Hopefully this will start changing and they elect to properly train and assist qualified technicians as myself to function as a warranty center and be able to perform all field repairs. I will continue to stock certain refurbished models to make your down time minimal (ask for details)

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