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KVH’s Latest-compact TracVision RV1. Unlike anything else on the market today this antenna has all the bells and whistles. Some of its key features makes this antenna the easiest to use. Unlike others this antenna once powered up will stay focused on the satellite and go to sleep after a few minutes and the wake up and start tracking automatically. Supports future broadcast of DVD-S2 Technology and DirecTV SWM technology right out of the box ($199 option on others) It also features a rotary joint allowing continuous movement instead of having to unwind and refind satellite. The KVH RV1 is the smallest and lightest in-motion satellite TV system on the market, bringing you premium satellite TV entertainment throughout the continental U.S. Enjoy standard-definition programming from DIRECTV® or HD service from DISH Network,® whether you’re parked or cruising down the highway. (supports 1 Dish reciever). Controller is powered from 12 volts DC and antenna is completely operated by the Wireless Interface Controller box. Will run Dish 110-119-129 or 61-110-119 or DirecTV 101-110-110 satellites. Thanks to KVH’s RingFire technology, the RV1-series is only 13.3" tall and 13.5" in diameter with the highest gain in its class, delivering crystal-clear satellite TV programming wherever you go, even in poor weather. 

Davids comments: I've been selling KVH antennas since 1998 with very few problems. I have however been on many service calls that are related to installation issues. From leaking roofs to no signal complaints I usually find that the installation was the root cause. I also try to explain the differences in the operation of the different manufactures and models available today. This KVH In Motion  will only support 1 Dish Network rcvr or 2 if you want to lock antenna to 1 satellite (may experience channel guide problems. Which is not able to be acheived on any other dome. Example: Using your Iphone or Android device you want all the channels on the Echostar 129 satellite and want to run 2 rcvrs. Simply connect wirelessly to the hub and tell it to track 129, You now can select any of the channels that are on the 129 satellite independantly from each reciever. 

Service after the sale: If you should inquire about a issue of the antenna we can troubleshoot the system and many times repair in the field. KVH has elected to have some issues related to the antenna failures be returned back to KVH for diagnosis and repair. I think this is ridiculous but understand KVH viewpoint. Hopefully this will start changing and they elect to properly train and assist qualified technicians as myself to function as a warranty center and be able to perform all field repairs. I will continue to stock certain refurbished models to make your down time minimal (ask for details)

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