Winegard Playmaker PL-7000 & PL-8000 series

NEW FEATURE: As of 10/2018 Winegard has added the capability to select East Arc or Western Arc.

Winegard introduces the Newest DISH Playmaker & DISH Playmaker Dual.

This antenna uses the coax coming from the Dish Network Receiver to get its power. That’s right only one coax cable will run this antenna.

WHITE PL-7000 $299.00
WHITE PL-7000 W RCVR $379.00

PLAYMAKER DUAL COAX (Note: there are limitations on the 2nd receiver – NOT RECOMMENDED to use as dual)
WHITE PL-8000  $349.00
BLACK PL-8035 $349.00

In the Houston area – Get it professionally installed

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Winegard G3 Stationary Antenna GM9000/GM9035

Winegard G3 has the same new look and the lower profile of the Dish Playmaker family and incorporates the same technology as the former G2+. The G3 will work for DirecTV SD, Dish Network SD and HD, and our Canadian friends with Bell Express.

White GM-9000    $509.00   
Black  GM-9035   $509.00 

In the Houston area – Get it professionally installed

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Winegard Portable Pathway X2 for Dish Network

Operates from the power of your Dish Network Receiver and can operate 2 receivers

Pathway X2 $449.00
with Dish Rcvr $499.00

The Pathway X2 is a portable satellite dish antenna that features a small size of only 15” tall when in travel position, with a 21” base It weighs only 16 lbs. It has a carry handle for easy handling and a security loop to secure the antenna and it can be mounted to an optional tripod stand. This portable satellite dish is perfect for tailgating and for your RV – allowing you to watch your favorite movies or games. The Pathway X2 will support satellite service from Dish Network Eastern or Western arc satellite orbits.

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Winegard DishPlayer PA1000 for Dish Network

New: May 2016

Antenna Only – $299

The DishPlaymaker is offered as a CarryOut or, with the optional mounting tripod mounting kit or new window mount for Stationary (parked) domed antenna.  It features a small size – only 13.5″ tall with a 14.3″ base and offers tremendous ease of use.  This domed satellite dish for your RV comes in white only. The DishPlaymaker Antenna will support satellite service from Dish Network only for satellite TV service for your RV. This antenna only has one coax connection

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