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Discontinued - replaced with SK-SWM3

Winegard DirecTV HDGet everything that DirecTV has to offer with the Trav'ler Slimline!

Fully automatic operation at a push of the on/off button will both

deploy and stow the antenna. This antenna receives programming

from all 5 satellites for DirecTV which are the 99-103 KA and the

101-110-119 KU satellites.


Not getting all of your programming? No problem, look at the digital display on the controller and see what satellites you are getting. Take the chain saw out and clear out the obstruction blocking the one satellite you want. Have a thin roof? No problem , order the optional mounting plate and also the roller plate for the LNB assembly to sit on. Manufacture 2 year warranty 1st year parts and labor 2nd year parts.

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