Satellites in Motion, Inc. (SIM) was founded in 1998 by David Nannenga, after touring the United States in his own coach for over four years.  It transitioned to Sats2Go in 2009.  Located in Willis Texas, Sats2Go is recognized as an industry leader for the distribution and service of mobile satellite antennas. You’ll find a variety of solutions for diverse requirements that require a reliable and dependable satellite antenna solution. Our goal is to provide quality products and exceptional service to every customer.

We’re pleased to have a full client roster with lengthy client relationships.  We’ve proven to be experts in helping customers choose the right satellite system and maximize your investment while addressing a wide range of connectivity opportunities. Our customers depend on us to:

  • Provide outstanding customer service support with sound ideas and workable solutions;
  • Inform and educate on technology changes in the mobile satellite TV industry;
  • Help in the selection of choosing a satellite TV and/or internet service provider that best fits your needs;
  • Install systems with commercial grade materials
    – Waterproof grease on outdoor connections;
    – Solid copper wire;
    – Compression type commercial fittings;


Sats2Go is guided by three fundamental objectives:

To deliver quality products and exceptional service;
To create an engaging work environment;
To strengthen our business through satisfied customers