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Replacement Head: $49

Full Replacement : $149

rvrz25wrvrz39wThe latest technology offered by Winegard for either replacement of your current antenna or to simply upgrade your antenna for off-air local channels is the Winegard Rayzar.  Now that 80% of the new Digital off-air channels are UHF, this antenna will maximize your reception. The unit is available in two colors - Black and White.

Larger Coverage Area
Winegard uses Bidirectional elements inside to create a broader reception coverage area with minimal aiming needed unlike older models.

Maximum UHF Reception
Provides the best UHF gain which allows the antenna to pick up signals from farther away. Also receives H-VHF signals.

Simple Replacement
Antenna installs in five minutes on your current Sensar boom. A shorter boom is also included with the replacement head.  A complete unit is also available to replace your worn out crank up.

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